Visual Birth Plan

This birth plan, that can be personalized with your details and unique preferences, is the perfect tool to make communicating your birth wishes and advocating for yourself easy.

Benefits of Your Visual Birth Plan

  • Become educated on your options. Even if your plan was to be left behind on the big day, the knowledge you gain by weighing your options and discovering your preferences will stay with you.
  • Make fully informed choices. Every birth is different, and many choices will have to be made on the day itself. But with your plan, you will always be reminded that you have options and are part of the decision-making process.
  • You focus on you. Everyone will know what you want without having to ask you. Even if a new nurse or midwife joins late in labor, it only takes a minute to get up to speed.
  • An invaluable aid for your birth team. With contractions commanding your focus inward, the birth plan helps your partner or doula stand up for your wishes.
  • Paint a meaningful vision of the birth. Even if your health provider agrees with you on the main goal (ex. natural birth), the nitty-gritty details may differ. Show what’s more important to you, ex — pain management or freedom to move.
  • Remember your goals. Even when a situation arises and you can’t think clearly during labor, it will take just a glance to remind yourself of what is important (and WHY).
  • Discuss Plan B in advance. Include an “emergency situation" note to discuss your preferences and show your understanding and flexibility.
  • Feel in control. With the 6 helpful questions to ask in case of problems you are always involved in the decision making process.


  • It's short. The plan fits on a single page. It holds all your important information and your top preferences.
  • It's scannable. Birth attendants can familiarize themselves with your preferences in less than one minute.
  • It's personal. Include your due date and names (and photos!) of your partner and doula.
  • It's informative. Set the tone with the header. Use it to convey important information and goals, like RH- blood type, VBAC or water birth.
  • It's focused. Effectively communicate your top preferences. Big icons paired with large text make the plan easy to read and understand.
  • It's flexible. Stick with a plan even when circumstances change - use the side panel and bottom panel to share additional personal information, or use a pre-written note..
  • AND it also includes newborn care. Make your newborn care preferences known with the alternative bottom panel design.

Example Plans

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this birth plan be respected by my nurse/midwife/doctor?
Birth professionals find the plan easy to read and use. So even if things "don't go to plan" or a new nurse or midwife gets involved late into labor, they can still get up to speed in under 1 minute!

I already have a great birth team (ex. husband/doula). Why would I make a plan?
The visual birth plan is a great reminder to you and your birth team that you have choices and that you can make decisions together. Aside from the birth preferences for all stages of labor, the visual birth plan can include six helpful questions to be asked in case of emergencies, names and roles of people on your birth team and crucial details about your pregnancy and health.

How does the VBP Online Creator differ from your Etsy listing?
The Visual Birth Plan Creator is an online tool in which you can create and personalize your plan. It allos you to add your own custom preferences and choose from a number of layout options. The Etsy listing is for custom orders, that can include, for example, adding photos above names of people on your birth team or advanced layout changes.

Will my plan be saved? Can I edit it again?
Yes. All changes are saved on the fly, and you can always log back in and edit your plan.

Can I create/download multiple plans?
You can make changes and download your plan multiple times. This means that, at no extra cost, you can create one version, download it and then make changes and download the alternative version. Please keep in mind that your due date is locked.

Can I get a refund?
If you are unhappy with your Visual Birth Plan, please contact us and we'll process your refund.

Is my data secure?
Yes. Security of your data is important to us. We store all information on a secure server, and all payments are processed by Stripe with encryption. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

Get Started Now

  • add your own custom preferences
  • unlimited edits and downloads
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
Get Your Visual Birth Plan for $19*
* You can create your birth plan before you buy it.